ASHA Retreats

ASHA Retreats

Asha Provides Weekend and week long retreat, packaged on your need. we only have 3 rooms get full all the time please send us your requirements we can create a retreat for your need. right now the rooms are listed in Airbnb, some retreats are listed below but please do not hesitate to contact to make a retreat plan.
Every retreat includes food and stay and Yoga classes and Massage services, life coaching and discussion on Life philosophical discussions.

ASHA Yoga retreat

Duration: 2 nights

Price: $295

¬†Yoga Retreat “understanding about the real path of yoga”.

Ayuveda Retreat

Duration: 5 Days

Price: $995

. Ayurveda is an ancient health science originated in foot hills of Himalayas, This is healing based retreat.(for more information please contact by mail or phone).

Tantra Retreat

Duration: 2 Days

Price: $750

. This is basically for couples who is feeling wanted to be more connected and makes love happen in life again, there is some time in life nothing works the way we wanted, then all the frustration and blaming starts, if it continues for some time it will end up in break ups, the actuall tantra shows how we can fix this issues of life, retreat will be created for individual needs. for couple please contact us before you book the appointment).

send us email on info@ashasf.com or call us 415 690 6675.