About Mukt

About Mukt.

Mukt's Bio

I am Mukt, an Indian yogi, my full name is MuktMukh, (Sanskrit meaning is face of wisdom)  sometime people call me MuMu or Yogi Free, My given name is Musthafa Mukt, born and raise in Kerala India, at the age of 13 I start exploring about Yoga, Sanskrit , Natural healing, Tantra, that lead me to learn about holistic healing and its values modern busy life, I am become a Certified Naturopath and Yoga therapist in the age of 23 from India, my curiosity learning other healing modalities lead me to learn many other therapies and keep learning, some of my expertise including external Ayurveda therapy (poorva karman) , yoga therapy and massages, magneto therapy, mud therapy, hydro therapy aromatherapy, reflexology, acupressure and many ancient and modern modalities of massages, In San Francisco I teach and practices massages yoga meditation, my massage modalities includes (including Thai, Shiatsu, Korean, Balinese,Gentle lymphatic drainage, Active releasing technique. Deep Tissue, Aroma Therapy , Hot / Cold stone.Cupping, wet cupping (Hijama) Yoga therapy and Tantra,other personal sitting  Dharma life Coaching,

My Projects

Church of Yoga, ARM, 7S Method, Yoga Therapy World Summit, Dharma life Coaching. educaitonal project AUMVererity / OMVersity etc.

Church of Yoga

This is a modern circle I call it is  Church of Yoga, , we have freedom to believe what ever we wanted but if we wanted to live with others the all  group have to belive some part of what we belive is good and right, in church of yoga we are trying to create a circle of same belivers together to have a celabration of life.
to connect and looking for location please click ‘church of yoga’ church for all

Dharma Life Coaching

I work as a life coach and helping many people in the city and by skype, this process I call Dharma Life Coaching, DLC is  hard and simple process specially we do not even know what is the meaning of Dharma, I help people to find the purpose (Dharma) of life. the concept is if we can fulfill our purpose of life we able live happy and content, the first sign of living with our Dharma, the Drama will disappear.  Sign up or  read more 

The 7 S Method

7S Method (save one relationship at a time). this is to protect our family and bring back in to strong family background that is the way our strong nations are made, I am developing this project as workshop for people who is in committed relationship or who wanted to be in committed relationship, it is 9 weekend workshop,
7 S is seven steps (Saptapadi), is largely taken from the Vedic weddings, Kamasutra and Tantric practices and other ancient traditional marriages.  These steps are still relevant today, remembering these steps help us to form and maintain respectful and happy relationships and strong families.  Anyone who is interested in build and strengthen relationship then I encouraged to attend.  right now I arrange an introductory workshop in many place including YSSF (please check the calendar) will consist of lecture, meditation, yoga, pranayama, and some simple tantra (practices).  As the introduction for an upcoming series, this workshop is by donation.  Come ready to participate and discuss.

AUMVererity / OMVersity

A Talent based education project, and Optimal Mastery for adults read more in www.aumversity.com

ART Model

I work as an art model for Bay Area Model Guild since 2013 (BAMG), stage name (modelmumu).

My email is mmassage99@gmail.com, or contact me on my cell phone 415 690 6675