About ASHA


(Academy of Spiritual and Holistic Arts)

ASHA is a home-based service center that focuses on education and healing in the field of Holistic Healing and Spiritual Healing Arts. We opened our door to customers and students alike since 2010.

Our goal to create an urban retreat center for holistic healing, yoga, spiritual meditations and retreats. Our set up is unique and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Our founders cultivated the idea to create a “retreat home”. A retreat home is a place where a person restore calm, relaxation, and energy while being awaken your inner self.

About ASHA the Home Retreat Center: The home is owned by our founder Mukt, where he performs most of his services. This home also acts as the head office of Academy of Ultimate Mastery (AUM) aka OM Versity (Optimal Mastery University)

Academy of Ultimate Mastery (AUM): AUM UNIVERSITY  (AUMversity) is an alternative educational Academy for Kids from the age or 3 to 11 years, the other wing of AUM is OM (Optimal Mastery) versity incubator for professionals in the field of Arts of healing / medicine as well as Entertainment arts. Here, professionals can cultivate and optimize their skills to become masters in their line of work. Whether it be arts or healing arts like yoga, massage or meditation – here you can blossom and help share the benefits of yoga and meditation with your community.

Other M’s projects: “Yoga Therapy World Summit” ( with the aim of sharing  online yoga therapy knowledge) and  “Church of Yoga” “Church for all” a unique church set up based on concept of Yoga and its philosophy.