About ASHA


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Academy of Spiritual Healing Arts (ASHA)

 ASHA Vision

“The one stop destination for Holistic healing and Education”

ASHA Mission

Our mission to make healing is affordable for any one who is looking for alternative healing, we wanted to work together to make a world with minimal suffering place. by following our own Dharma it is easy to achieve it, it is proven by masters. let us follow them.

To create BPPE approved Therapeutic school ( still working on it)

Offer Yoga therapy  and other modalities to our students.

To lead a new alternative education method which lead world to wisdom not slavery! believe in co dependency!

Open up free or low cost Yoga Therapy and Holistic healing centers all over America and other countries


Meaning of Logo

my desire to fly to the destination 

There is a bird and there is a destination

Asha meaning is desire, hope, etc  in Sanskrit, 

Logo letters we arranged like a mountain, it shows  growth.

It represents our education method, we only grows and that growth is for our freedom!

It is not a rocket science! any one can achieve that by organizing our life and self motivation is the key 

If we know the techniques of achieving this goal any one can be any one tomorrow, the key is believe in it

If we know the key of success it is like temple steps, once we climb it we will see the ultimate beauty waiting for us

learn the seven P (piece) of life, once we put that puzzle together life moves easy and strong, know our self is the first key. if you like to know more about 7Ps please contact by email info@ashasf.com

Here at ASHA Healing, you are seen as an individual.

Wellness is our goal

We use the scientific or evidence based teatments as a tool such as laboratory and diagnostic testing but we draw from many other tools to address and treat your condition(s). We combine naturopathic therapy,Yoga therapy Ayuveda, Thai healing and stretching, nutrition, ancient and some classical Chinese treatments, like cupping, acupressure, and we call this  Integrative yoga therapy. We are one of the Integrative yoga therapy treatments center in San Francisco. U.S.

Scientific data does not apply to you as an individual, and what we mean by that is – we all have our own unique DNA, which are made up of genes, and our genes may predispose us to or increase our chances of developing various diseases. Different life-experiences or life-styles as well as environments that we have been exposed during our life time have an impact on how our genes are expressed and the study of this is called genomics. When you imagine the cave men and their environment that they lived in, hunters and gatherers, and then look at us, and our environment that we live in today, i.e., many of us sitting at computers all day, pollution, and poor diets primarily due to industrial agriculture, you can see the dramatic difference. Our genomics are therefore impacted, and certainly are a contributing factor to why so many of us are often sick or over-all, fatigued, our vital organ systems and therefore our bodies as a whole are taxed.

It is very exciting to live in this day and age of information to help people on a deeper level, and that is why ASHA Healing center concentrates on Integrative healing. Our focus is to treat your body as a whole, not just looking at your genes or genomics. if you wanted to be one of package client then we have you initially complete an in-depth Intake form and review your pertinent medical records. We typically request that you initially keep your 2 hr  your time to work together to create your unique yoga therapy and package plan for better healing and life change .