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Academy of Spiritual Healing Arts


I started this academy with the vision of creating a center for Holistic healing practices.

ASHA’s mission to make  Spiritual and Holistic and alternative healing is affordable for any one, that way we can  work together  to make our world is more healthy and happy place live.

About Mukt

I am Mukt, an Indian yogi, my full name is MuktMukh, (Sanskrit meaning is face of wisdom)  sometime people call me MuMu or Yogi Free, My given name is Musthafa Mukt, born and raise in Kerala India, at the age of 13 I start exploring about Yoga, Sanskrit , Natural healing, Tantra, that lead me to learn about Natural healing and its therapeutic values, I am become a Naturopath in the age of 23. I am certified from India as Naturopath and Yoga therapist, my curiosity learning other healing modalities lead me to learn many other therapies and keep learning, some of my expertise including external Ayurveda therapy (poorva karman) , yoga therapy and massages, magneto therapy, mud therapy, hydro therapy aromatherapy, reflexology and acupressure and many ancient modalities of massages, In SF I  teaches massage modalities, (including Thai, Shiatsu, Korean, Balinese,Gentle massages, Deep Tissue, Aroma Therapy , Hot / Cold stone.Cupping, wet cupping (Hijama) Yoga therapy and Tantra ),and  Dharma life Coaching,.

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Yoga using as a tool to healing mind and body

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